Bucket Assembly Line Model “Extrabarreno” for Washer Machines

General description of the Project:



Create a new manufacturing for the Bucket Extrabarreno line through construction of 3 NEW Stations and restoring the 3 existing stations.


Automate processes:

  • Make the first punching of the Bananas and holes.
  • Make the cut to give the specified length of the sheet.
  • Make the rolling of the sheet.
  • Perform bending and riveting end of the basket.
  • Perform a beveled around the top and bottom of the basket.
  • Perform punching 8 Slots around the basket.


Station 10, 20 and 30 Punch, Cutter and Bending

Station 40 Bending and Riveting Station

50 Trimmer Station /p>

60 Punching of slots