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European Union—one by Joschka Fischer, the German foreign minister, the other by Jacques Chirac,
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Her abdomen is distended and somewhat tender without rebound, rectal examination is significant for hard stool impaction, which is heme positive
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Employees with 30 years of service could retire as early as age 55
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They are there to negotiate your best "deal" with the prosecutor and arrange for your disposal.
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I was earning 4000 rupees a month back in India for one year and the rest of the three years were voluntary
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He is both a board-certified neurologist and a fellow of the American College of Nutrition—the only person, he says, to have both credentials
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Hidden on a residential street, its the type of place you stumble onto by accident and hope the crowds dont follow.
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I am 14 years old and have a Instagram
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We aren't thrilled that the guys at HIT decided to put creatine in the product, because it really alienates it, making it useful for those heavy days only
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“Our platform technology can access the spatial positioning of genes within a cell
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