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Quem ego casum non potui, quinin sinum tuum effunderem, quippe quem non ignorarem, aeque graviter eum laturum, quam me, cujus maxime interest

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If designated smoking areas are located in an enclosed space, they should be provided with adequate means of extraction and ventilation

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I know how hard it is to wait for a miracle………but it will come

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Jacques Waynberg, on the Institute of Sexology in Paris.

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to absorb the earth’s heat, and then pumping the water or steam through an industrial power plant

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he owed the debt, was “quite fearful” and agreed to pay up, telling the accused: “Just

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One of the key expectations in the current fiscal year is that the US FDA will expedite granting of generic drug approvals

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I’m thinking of closed causal loops for the sake of both tidiness and paradoxicality.

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