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For five months in 2014, Lincoln High School student Alexis Guzman didn’t have to walk the three miles from his parents’ National City apartment to school

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It does sound like a quad tear and the short answer is, yes you need an orthopedic surgeon to put together a complete tear, as evidenced by your not being able to complete a straight-leg raise.

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If there are signs that the pregnancy is terminated but all tissue is not yet expelled, and the woman feels well and is healthy, vacuum aspiration may not be needed

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If you are not sure, ask your pharmacist if you are allergic to any given vaccination.

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A major crisis is averted and North Carolina Baptists have been rescued from such sinners.

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Any guest showing signs of illness or injury will be examined by a doctor (if possible your pet's regular doctor)

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a doctor prescribes a drug, or you can purchase it over-the-counter doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe

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